Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Life challenge - week 23 - declutter your wardrobe

Decluttering - well I did some this week.  My problem is once I get started I don't want to stop.  Which is good - but bad in a sense that I tend to neglect everything else.  So lucky for me decluttering my wardrobe was at the top of my decluttering list as that was week 23's challenge.  I started with my bedside table - which had undies, bras, socks, long sleeved and short sleeved tops.

Who would have thought you could fit this much into 1 draw?  Each photo is of one of my three draws...

My top draw collected "stuff", so I had to be brutal with that one.  I also got rid of my 6 year old undies - that I bought for after labour with my son...big black knickers!  I was still wearing them which is sad - so they had so say goodbye! So I now have 3 nice and tidy draws.

Next it was onto my handing clothes and top of the walk in robe. I put summer clothes into bags on top of my walk in robe and then had a serious declutter with the rest. I'm not a huge clothes person so didn't have too much - but did manage to get 1 full bag for goodwill. I had some shoes to chuck out too.

Walk in robe - before

Walk in robe - after

Hubby even got into the groove of things and had a tidy out on the weekend and had a full bag for goodwill and just as much for the trash!

I was then in a bit of a decluttering mood - so hit the kids clothes. I have done all their draws and hanging stuff - the only thing I haven't done is the top of their wardrobes....

Then the big one - the toys!!  I knew this would be a big job and was overwhelmed where to start - which was why I put it at the bottom of my decluttering schedule.  But I also knew I would feel better when it was done. Monday arvo, public holiday, hubby offered to take the kids to a playground so I could declutter. Well they were gone for about 2.5 hours - and WOW did I get a lot done!  I'm proud to say I'm happy with the toyroom at the moment.  1 huge bag of trash (luckily it was our trash day today) and various other toys have been hidden in spots around the garage. My aim is to gather all of these up and attempt to sell them - possibly at the baby and kids market that is across the road. But that is another huge job in itself - so for now I'm happy to just have them out of the house. They are in the garage (hidden as last time I stashed old toys there the kids found them and bought them back in!!) and that is the last item on my decluttering schedule.

So wow - when I revisit my decluttering schedule - I've managed to cross of 9 items this week!! 
  1. kitchen 4 draws
  2. my bedside table
  3. my hanging clothes
  4. top of my walk in robe
  5. jewellery box
  6. big kitchen tubs and cube areas
  7. lounge room book case
  8. computer cabinet
  9. Savannah's dresser
  10. Savannah's clothes in dresser
  11. Savannah's built in wardrobe
  12. Hunter's clothes
  13. Hunter's built in wardrobe
  14. kids books
  15. kids artwork
  16. kids toys
  17. garage
My plan is to now keep chipping away at the smaller easier areas, but I'm pleased with my efforts so far.


  1. Awesome work Bec, you did so well. I was the same I just didn't want to stop decluttering. What was really good though, I went shopping today and I didn't buy anything. I saw some things I liked but I didn't love it, didn't need it so I didn't buy it. good luck with the rest of the SYL challenge. Cheers :)

    1. Oh well done on not buying anything Rita! That's a great step!

  2. Well done Bec! You're doing a fantastic job getting through that list. A toy declutter is always overwhelming for me. I did one a little while ago and put them on ebay. Some I only got $1 for but it was better than nothing and at least they are now gone out of my house! You should definitely give the market a go
    Jo xo

    1. Thanks Jo! Have to find all the hidden outgrown toys to get ready for market...again another task for when kids are not there! I'ts crazy how much they acumulate.

  3. Nice work Bec, keep chipping away, it's good for the soul.