Saturday, 3 March 2012

Home challenge -week 9 - contact information

Week 9 in the home challenge was a simple one too - it's all about simple address book and contact information.  I've decided this is a task I dont' need to spend too much time on - after all the point of the challenge is to make us more organised - not spend heaps of time on thing's.  I'm happy with the way I store address and contact information at the moment.

I have an address book that sits next to my phone.  This keeps all addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of friends and family.  My mobile phone stores all my friend's phone numbers. I also have hubby's written down on a piece of paper in my purse (as my memory is shocking).  My email system stores all friend's email addresses - and those I use regularly I have memorised.

I don't have a business contact section- however I find I don't generally need one. It's quite easy to use the white pages to find a business if I need -and those I use regularly - I put into my address book under what they are (e.g the dog clippers goes under D for dog clippers - not H for Home and country which is the name of the business).

Works for me so I ain't spending time trying to make it better!

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