Sunday, 22 July 2012

Life challenge - week 28 - cleaning

This week Deb has us thinking about 3 questions relating to cleaning.

What's your minimum standard cleaning routine?
Basically my minimum is quite low. Every night after dinner I tidy up from dinner, load and start the dishwasher, make Hunter’s lunch for the next day and basically ensure the kitchen area is clean and tidy.

What is your cleaning approach?
My cleaner comes once a fortnight. We spend the Sunday before she comes (she comes Monday) tidying – so she can actually clean. She mops all tiled areas, vacuums carpets, wipes kitchen bench/hotplates etc and kitchen table, cleans toilets, showers, bath, bathrooms including mirrors and sinks. The bathrooms, toilets, showers etc only get done by her once a fortnight. We generally don’t do them in between visits. Nor do we vacuum the carpet in between visits. We will sweep the family room/kitchen floor as required – maybe every 2nd day or so. This includes sweeping up any toys that have been left on the floor for the kids to pick up. They then get a few minutes to grab what they want and put it away or it goes in the bin.
We are quite lax when it comes to cleaning.

Do you use any systems to save you time and effort with cleaning?
The biggest issue I have is the clutter around the house. I’ve been going on about it all year – it’s one of my goals. We need to work on getting the kids to clean up their “stuff” better. I say we will do it every night – make them do it before bed, but again and again I find stuff on the floor and the kids in bed and I’m too tired to pick it up/or feel the kids should really do it. I feel better when the floors and clean and the place is tidy.
So no, I don’t have systems in place. My system is my cleaner and my Sunday frantic tidy so she can clean!  Not a great system. I really want to get rid of the frantic tidy up.


  1. Sounds like you are very normal. We all need a Mary Poppins to help with everything I think.xx

  2. We are in the same boat with the kids stuff and random daily clutter. A daily 15 min tidy up is my focus for the next 30 days. I have never been able to maintain that habit for long, but know it is the most needed one!

    1. Yep I really want to get the kids involved in this Deb - but finding time an issue. By the time we get home from work/childcare/school etc, it's pushing 6pm. Then it's dinner, homework/reading, get ready for bed, and before we know it - it's 7.30pm - which is the time to put the kids in bed (I usually try for 7pm for my 3 year old but lately that has been pushed back). I can certainly do it once they are in bed - but that isn't teaching them anything!

    2. Hi Gorgeous, I just found your blog.
      Sorry I have missed it until now. I look forward to following you. I just read back over some of your posts and they have inspired me to actually start following my cleaning plan.

  3. Hi Bec, I'm just catching up now I'm back on - noticing this is your latest post, hope all is well in your world. Your blog is the one I've connected with the most since starting SYL so I'm looking forward to reading more from you again.

    1. Thanks Shellebelle - I got behind....very behind...I'm trying to catch up now. Thanks for your positive words on my posts.