Monday, 15 October 2012

Life challenge - week 29 - paper and information management real time the Simplify your life challenges are up to week 42. I seem to have slipped and am up to week 29.  I had decided to give it up and stop the tasks because - lets face it - we are all so busy. But then I've decided they are designed to make life simpler and I really want to get back into it - so here I am...13 weeks behind!

Week 29 is paper and information management. I think I have this one mostly under control. I have a storage container on top of my microwave that has 5 trays. They are labelled miscellaneous, junk mail, Bec's mail, Nigel's mail and pens/stationary. Next to the microwave I have 2 magazine files - 1 for Hunter and 1 for Savannah. In her go important school/childcare/activity notes.
Bills get stuck to the pin board after I have checked the due date and put this on the calendar highlighted.

My emails are a little out of control. I'm subscribed to WAY too many blogs - the majority of which I don't read. I'm also subscribed to many useless newsletters etc. I've set up folders and rules and from now on I'm going to check each email as it comes in and decide if I want to stay on the subscription list. I've already unsubscribed to all the daily deal emails - I was getting so many I couldn't read any of them!


  1. Good to see you Bec - you know you can skip any weeks that are not an area you need to focus on... take it one challenge at a time without worrying when you finish up... xx Deb

    1. Thanks Deb - I've written the challenges that I've missed down in a word document and will tackle them as I get to them.

  2. I'm slowly catching up as well Bec :) Good on you for not stopping, I almost did too but thought about it long enough to realise that my life really is simpler than it was before I started! That was enough to get me to catch up.

    Good luck with that email inbox! Those daily deal emails sure do get annoying