Sunday, 26 February 2012

Life challenge - week 8 - happiness

The last of our building blocks and our topic for week 8 is defining happiness. I decided to write a list of things that make me happy. I'm sure the list can be added to as I think of more, but for now my happiness list consists of:
  • having a good cup of coffee either on my own or with a friend
  • seeing a movie at the cinema
  • watching a movie at home with the family
  • having a cuddle with my family - Nigel, Hunter and Savannah
  • scrapbooking
  • reading a book
  • watching my favourite TV shows
  • learning new things- external courses
  • overseas holiday
  • within Australia holiday
  • short break -weekend away
  • chatting with friends either on the phone or face to face
  • bubble bath
  • pedicure
  • massage
  • manicure
  • facial
  • reading to the kids (2-3 stories -I get sick of it after that)
  • exercising -walking/treadmill/gym
  • playing games with the kids
  • laughing - listening to the kids laughing
  • going out for lunch
  • going out for dinner
  • going out for breakfast
  • spending time with my family - sister/Mum/Dad
  • cuddles and kiss from Hunter at school drop off
  • Mums group dinners
  • getting hair cut/coloured
  • musicals/shows
  • buying new clothes
  • accomplishing a goal
  • getting 8 hours or more of sleep
  • eating sushi
  • music - listening to a good song and singing out loud!
  • golden syrup dumplings
  • fresh flowers - especially gerbras, sunflowers and tulips!
  • walking on the beach
  • the smell and sound of the rain
When I look through the list I see I'm lucky that I get to do at least one of these things daily, reading, cuddles with the kids, watching a favourite TV show, reading to the kids, exercising, having a cup of coffee. But the sad thing, I don't appreciate them or I take them for granted. These little things really do make life and I need to grab them with two hands and appreciate them in them in the moment.

Since I wrote the list I have had a chance to undertake many things from my happiness list. I have recorded just one for each day - to show to myself there is usually something happening each day that makes me happy!!

21st Feb - I went on the treadmill whilst watching The Biggest Loser. I felt hot and sweaty during, but after I felt great - really energised!

22nd Feb - Cuddle with the kids in Savannah's bed.There were lots of giggles, tickles and cuddles. There is nothing better than starting the day with a child's laughter.

23rd Feb - Lunch with colleagues. It was nice to have a delicious lunch and get out of the office with good company.

24th Feb - I bought a new dress. I don't normally buy dresses but since losing a bit of weight I feel more comfortable!  I love this dress!

25th Feb - Good, hot coffee made in my coffee machine. After doing my Barista course last year I make quite a good coffee.  I drank this whilst playing Battleships with Hunter.

26th Feb- Movies with my sister. We saw the Stephanie Plum movie One for the Money. I had read the book so was looking forward to it and enjoyed escaping into Steph's life for a few hours.


  1. Hi Bec, I so relate to doing some of the things on my happiness list each day, but not appreciating them. That's what I love about challenges like this one, sometimes the tasks just help us notice & enjoy the little things that we do have in our lives each day.

    1. Thanks Shellebelle. This challenge was really good for making me see the happiness!

  2. This has been a great challenge, to actually acknowledge what makes you happy, then recognise when you do those things, as simple as they can be. Love your list. Love your post.

  3. Bec you are so right that we need to take these moments and acknowledge that they are what makes us happy and that we are lucky to have these things. I am really struggling with this, but i am sure as the year goes on i will get better!!! Thanks for sharing your "happiness" :)

    1. Thanks Paula. I read your blog and I actually think you did a great job. And remember we are working on this over the year - so baby steps!

  4. What a great post - i like how you have broken it down into your days and how you sought happiness out, even when you didnt so much feel like it

    1. Thanks Lyndaal. It was surprising how many little things I do daily make me happy - I just need to realise it when I'm doing it!

  5. I really enjoyed our post, your list is great. I agree that sometimes we do take things for granted and don't appreciate how lucky we are that we can do the things that makes us happy. I am going to take a leaf out of your book and keep a list of the things I do each day that make me happy. thanks for sharing :)

    1. Thanks Rita! I started thinking happy today - spent the whole day telling myself life was good and I was happy!

  6. love your list, and looks like you did something every day to make you happy, I really like how you went about this task!

  7. Great list Bec. I have to add a few of yours to mine! Especially singing a great song out loud, in the car, on full volume!
    I love the daily list too, there are many times we are happy in our day, we just need to realise it and stop focusing on the negatives!

    1. Thanks Lo, Singing is such a buzz isn't it!

  8. Great list and post - can't believe i posted that same dalai lama quote on the facebook page today - such a great quote that sums it up right? I love how this brought about awareness for you - brought you back to the things you already have and do that make you happy!

    deb @ home life simplified

  9. Great post. I love that the list reminded you of the things you already do regularly that make you happy, you just need to notice that you're doing them. I definitely need to do this too, the little things in life can become so mundane but if we remember why we're doing them and with who, we will always be happy

    1. Thanks Casojah, definitely a great reminder of why we are doing things and and who with.

  10. Congrats on the new dress. I'm starting to appreciate them too.

    1. Thanks Mandy! This is the dress I got lots of comments on when I wore it to work for the first time.

  11. Yay! Nothing says Happy like a new dress that feels great & looks hot! Congratulations on your weight loss. Little things can make you feel happy inside and out!