Monday, 28 May 2012

Life challenge - week 21 - home audit

Week 21 - we are onto the home section. This week we are to do a home audit. I haven't completed a full audit yet - which I do want to do - but have pulled out the major problem areas.

My audit found the following:

  • Lounge and bedrooms -
    • carpet (we have a dog who has ruined the carpet) - it's stained, it's ruined and it's depressing
    • we would like to replace with tiles in the lounge room - but it's a large cost
    • hubby wants tiles in the bedrooms - but I'm not convinced yet (I like carpet on my feet in the morning) - we are not putting in new carpet whilst the dog is still around
    • First action - get some quotes for tiles and laying, decide on option for bedrooms
  • Lounge room
    • Computer cabinet is cluttered
    • Declutter
  • Family room
    • hole in the wall
    • first action - fix it!
  • Toy room
    • cluttered - WAY TOO MANY toys
    • first action - declutter (when the kids aren't home as they want to keep everything - this is the issue - finding time when I'm home and they aren't)
  • Main bedroom
    • would like a comfy chair for reading in my room
    • Solution - told hubby and he moved a recliner chair from the lounge that wasn't used - I now have a nice comfy reading area in my bedroom - and the lounge room is a little more open!
  • Main bedroom
    • I wanted a full length mirror for the bedroom - we bought one and the kids broke it before we got a chance to put it up
    • Hubby bought another one and put it where I asked for it on the back of the door - and I realised it wasn't a good spot (could only see it with the door closed which made the room too dark). It was also slipping so we took it down and it's currently sitting against the wall
    • first step - hang it up!
  • Ensuite
    • towel rack broken
    • first action - I've actually bought some large hooks for the back of the door for the towels - need to stick them on the ensuite door
  • Garage
    • cluttered
    • First action - more shelving/storage solutions, along with a declutter
  • Sliding doors
    • fly screen destroyed (again the dog)
    • Will replace fly screen - but not until dog is no longer with us
  • Entries - front door, family room door, laundry, toy room
    • with this wet weather dirty shoes are coming in and dirtying the floor
    • First action - rubber backed mats

To me replacing the carpets are a priority - but it is a large cost. Given our overseas trip in September I'm not sure if we can afford it. But the first thing we need to do is get some quotes so we at least know how much we are talking about, and work out how we can fund it.


  1. Oh Bec, we have the carpet issue too! And have priced putting in floor boards, and too, will have to hold off until we save. Depressing because really, what to do with dirty 'white' carpet meanwhile!? Hope you get your tiles in soon!

    1. Thanks Kate....we may have to do it one room at a time (but who knows until I get a quote hey...). In our old house we replaced the carpet with timber flooring just in 1 room - but hubby got a discount on the floor through work (Bunnings) and he put it down himself. This time we want to do it a little more proper!
      Part of me even thinks just ripping up the carpet and having the slab would be better than the carpet!

  2. Bec I can relate to needing to find time to de-clutter without kids! I'm trying to get my Misses 7 and 3 to help with stuff but it just doesn't happen and is more stressful doing it with them around. You've done a great job, sorting out your rooms - I look forward to seeing how you go with it all :)

    1. Thanks Mel. Oh yes the kids want to keep everything...and when I do manage to get something out int he garage they find it months later and bring it back into the house! I need a better system - and time!

  3. I hope you can find a solution for the carpets. Hopefully you can manage to sort out some of the smaller issues, I'm sure that will make you feel more comfortable :)

    1. Thanks Jo!
      Had a win last night when hubby went around fixing the holes in the walls - unprompted! He found the filler stuff on the floor so decided to use it!

  4. Love that you simply were able to miove a recliner you already had and had two wins with one move! Enjoy your new spaces.

    With the kids and decluttering can hubby take them on a little outing (even for a walk or bike ride / park visit) so you can take a stab without then? With no kids around we can often accomplish in 2 hours what takes 2 weeks with them around.

    deb @ home life simplified

    1. Yes I will have to do this - problem is finding a time hubby is home and not working the weekends - although I realised tonight I could do 15 minutes or so after the kids are in bed - need motivation for that though as I'm tired then..and they really need to be asleep as their bedrooms are next to the toy room.

  5. Definitely try to do the decluttering alone! You will get SOOOOO much more done- I know I did.

    Some of the things on my list are also not yet done because of money- not because I haven`t done them. If only money really did grow on trees!

    Good luck!

    1. Wouldn't that be nice - a pot of money!

  6. LOL my hubby wanted tiles everywhere too! it must be a boy thing? Luckily we are sticking with our nice floorboards I think.

    1. Oh yes floorboards would be nice - we are skipping them too as the dog would wee on them and that wouldn't be nice - which is why he wants tiles everywhere - easy to clean up wee!