Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Home challenge - week 1 - kitchen bench

Home challenge week 1 is all about Kitchen countertops & sink.  It can be found here.

Nigel and I did this together whilst the kids were at Grandma and Grandpa's. It was fun and quick to do together.

We use the bench as a drop everything as we come in the door place!  Early in 2011 we put some storage in from Ikea so we could store bags and things like that, so that wasn't so bad, but it's all the paper and clutter.  So we did a big clean up and took all the crap off the bench. I didn't take before photos (really should have)...but here are the after's.

For storing bags etc (actually we didn't do anything to this - was already like it)

Clean bench - oh how nice you look!

Spot for coins (brown bowl), fruit and mail/papers etc

Coffee machine and kettle have got to stay - can't miss out on my daily good coffee - andNigel has instant...so both needed!

And of course the Thermomix must stay on the bench - cause that's just awesome!

Okay so week 1 complete. But to be honest getting it clean was the easy part.  We have done this before.  Keeping it clean is the real challenge...and will last my lifetime!


  1. yes it is so easy to clean but I too have to work on the maintenance of areas after they are cleaned

    1. This will be something we will have to work on through the year! Hopefully we can both do it!

  2. Yeah I think our main problem, is unloading and loading the dishwasher and putting the rubbish and recycling straight into the bin.

  3. Oh I hear you on that one - it's Hunter's job to unload the dishwasher (our 5 year old), so we are a bit at the mercy of him!And our recycling often ends up on the bench too - my sister suggested I get a bin to put it in to store in the kitchen,then when that's full I can take it to my recycling bin (we have a spot near the fridge where it would fit)