Thursday, 8 March 2012

Home challenge - week 10 - mail organise centre

We are getting through the tasks.  The week 10 organised home challenge is create a home mail organise centre.  As I been going through the previous challenges I've been thinking of better ways to do things. So this one I had already started. I identifed in week 1 that my kitchen bench was a place we dumped papers, junk mail, mail etc. I wanted to change this so in week 1 I put a basket on top of the microwave as a place to dump papers.

This was 100 % better than my previous system of dumping everything on the bench - however we found after a little while the basked was just full of papers that we didn't know what was in there. There was mail, bills, junk mail, things to be actioned and so on. I was then on the look out for something better. 

Looking through the junk mail I found something that I thought would be ideal. The basket at the top won't stay long term- but at the momen it's holding some presents before I have a chance to give them out! Still on top of the microwave - takes up a little more space - but still fits.

I have labelled the draws so we know what's to go where. The top draw has pens, pencils, scissors, sticky tape etc. The next one is Nigel's mail.  The 3rd one is my mail. The 4th one is junk mail and the last one is miscellaneous/papers to be actioned.

Whoever brings the papers in is responsible for placing them in the right draw. It's then up to either Nigel or myself to deal with our mail and either recycle, file (or filing needs work - but I'm sure we will be working on this in the near future) or deal with immediately.  This is 300% improvement on dumping the papers on the bench, and much better than the 1 basket system.

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