Thursday, 15 March 2012

Home challenge - week 11 - organise bills

Sticking with papers that come into the house, in week 11 we are concentrating on organising bills.  I keep bills on my pin board, in order of due date, with the bill with the closest date on the top.

This was good, however I had to keep looking at the pin board to know when a bill is due.  Around a month ago I started writing the due date of bills on my calendar. I look at my calendar daily! I have highlighted the bills so I can see at a quick glance when they are due.  Once paid I tick it so I know it's dealt with.

Then to organise paid bills I decided to create my own electronic spreadsheet. I liked the idea of having it electronically, rather than printed out (less paper to deal with this way). I have categories of name of bill, date due, date paid, method of payment and reference number.

I also started going through my filing cabinet to store paid paper bills.  This is a big task that never looks like you have done anything. But the kids and I made 2 large boxes of paper noodles (shredded paper) with all the old bills and paperwork.


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