Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Home challenge - week 2 - kitchen draws and cabinets

Week 2 is about kitchen draws and cabinets. Okay that's not too bad, I can do that. My draws and cabinets aren't that bad.....or so I thought.....I think the before pictures would tend to disagree!

So as not to overwhelm myself I've decided to tackle 1 cupboard per night. A couple of them are going to stay pretty much as they are....they are working okay for me.  I use everything in this one (could tuck the cords in neatly!).....

And all I did to this one was chuck out the microwave rice cooker...otherwise top shelf is thermomix accessories (and thermos - as it's too big to fit anywhere else) and bottom shelf salad bowls and little bowls.

But now onto the ones that need a bit of work. Monday night I tackled this beauty.....

And turned it into this......

Tuesday night I decided to tackle the plastics went from this:

To this one is hard to keep tidy - It's Hunter's (who is 5) job to unload the dishwasher and put away the things that belong in here - lets see how he goes!

I also did under the sink......before


On Wednesday I did the 4 draws

After - not much to do here - just straightened up a bit


After - this one is tricky - I've removed some things but it still looks messy -and the scary thing is I cleaned this one out in November!


 After - okay doesn't look much different - but I was so surprised at what came out of this draw - it was all hidden and is now in the bin!



And then I only had 1 more cupboard to go so decided to do that too, so I could have a break for the rest of the week (we are away for the weekend so wanted it done before then!)



 The cupboards where I keep my plates, bowls, mugs, cups etc are up high above the oven range-hood and they have always been quite neat. So I haven't touched them.

I also have Ikea cupboards and baskets around the other side of the kitchen (as shown in my week 1 blog) - and I'm not sure if they belong in this challenge or in the lounge/family room one. I think the latter given I don't keep kitchen function things in there....I have made a start on tidying them up though so it will be eaiser when we get to them!

Week 2 challenge complete - 2 bags of stuff (broken or unused) to dispose of and feeling a little cleaner!  Again, my challenge is to keep them clean!

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