Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Life challenge - week 3 - mission statement

Week 3 - creating a family mission statement. This one, like the values, scares me. I feel there is so much we are not doing right, and so much we should be doing and how do I tackle that.  I thought I would wait for some linkys and read other people's mission statements for ideas.  Then decided it's better if it's our own, and it doesn't matter if we do it differently to others.
I started by asking Nigel to think of his 5 core values. He didn't take as much thinking as I did, but he came up with respect, caring, loving, honesty and accpeting. And mine were organisation, security, family, give it a go and happiness.

I thought I would ask the kids some questions - just to see what they said.  I think they are a bit young (Hunter is 5 and Savannah is 2) but their answers were funny so I'm going to record them.

From Hunter
When are we happy? - at Christmas (that was easy Mum), when I asked why I was told because of the special treats.
When are we not happy? - when I made a hole in the wall with the screwdriver!  I then asked him is this when you are not listening to Mum and Dad and he said yes.
What would be your best day? - with ice cream and chocolate and metal.  Me - why metal?  Hunter -to build something great.  Me - who would be with you? Hunter - you, Dad, Aunty Kim, Grandma, Grandpa, Savannah
Are there things we see other families do or how they behave that we would like to have in our home? Yes a refrigerator in the garage
What is important to us? - computer, TV. Me - what about people?  Hunter - yes being with Mum and Dad and Aunty Kim and Grandma.
At which Savannah chimed in with, can Aunty Kim be there?  Can Leila be there?  Can Blake be there? And Grandpa?

Savannah then came out with this beauty:
Hunter needs to be gentle with me. I'm very little!

The biggest thing I got from the discussion with the kids was that they enjoy being with family.

Nigel and I had gone through some of the questions for our family
We are at our best when we are spending time together, relaxed, organised and on holidays.
We are at our worst when we are tired, stressed and using too much technology (which takes time
away from time together).
We can help each other by listening

This leads onto the mission statement:

We will look out for each other and put family first.
We will listen to each other and respect differing opinions and individuality. 
We don't expect we will succeed at everything, but will give things a go, even if we think they are hard.
We will make an effort to spend quality time together and with family and friends, doing things we enjoy.
We will make choices and decision based on respect, honesty and love.


  1. I think you did an awesome job Bec and even the kids answers hold some info - (and what is it with those kids and fridges - mine said they wanted the fridge with the ice maker in the door LOL)

    Deb @ home life simplified

    1. Thanks Deb. We had been at friends the day before I asked the questions and apparently they had a fridge in the garage! Too funny though that the kids think fridges are important.

  2. It absolutely doesn't matter how you do it, the fact is you did it, and it suits you and your family down to a tee :)

  3. Bec, I loved your way of approaching this challenge. It is always hard looking in and finding what it is that makes us tick. You are absolutely correct its about you and your family and nobody else. whatever works for you not others. My mum used to say "its only a weed if you think its a weed". I really enjoyed reading your post, thanks for sharing.
    shine on in 2012 :)

    1. Thanks Rita. This was a tough one for me!