Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Home challenge - week 4 - fridge and freezer

So we are up to week 4 - organising the refrigerator and freezer.  After organising the pantry and spices I'm actually quite excited to do this!  I'm quite good at using everything in the freezer - but often have to chuck out food from the fridge as it goes bad before we eat it.

The first task was to clean up the front of the fridge. Ours is magnet city and lots of art work! We have the kids chores charts on the fridge, but you couldn't see them!  I choose a few magnets that I liked and the ones that provided contact information and threw the rest and put the artwork in my box on top of the fridge.  I also took the opportunity go sort out the top of the fridge - which was a little out of control!  The snugglers box up there is full of kids art - but I wasn't very selective and just put everything they did in it.  So I sorted through that and put heaps out to recycling. Sorry kids - just your best stuff now (given they are only 5 and 2 I'm sure there is heaps more to come!!)

                                         Before                                                                       After

                                                                     Top of fridge after

I then took the opportunity to sort out the cork board - which is just around the corner from the fridge.

                                                     Cork board - before                                                                      

Cork board - after

Next I moved onto the freezer.  I took everything out, threw out anything out of date (really it was only the hydrolite - which we bought in 2007 when my son had gastro), cleaned out the shelves and then put everything back in.  Whilst I put it back in I wrote an inventory.  I wrote in in pencil and put it in a plastic sleeve and stuck it on the fridge around the side (so it's out of sight).  I'm not sure if it looks any neater but it has organisation!  My problem is I have 4 different types of ice cream. There was a sale on cream and I went a bit crazy making ice cream!  I have vanilla, apricot, hokey pokey and chocolate!!

  Freezer - before

Freezer - after

And finally onto the fridge. This was the hardest bit. Lots of half empty containers and once all the food was out the shelves are so so dirty.  I actually found there was quite a lot of space in my fridge after I organised a bit.

Fridge - before

Fridge -after

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