Monday, 9 April 2012

Home challenge - week 14 - organising magazines, newspapers and catalogues

I'm one of the ones that week 14- organising magazines, newspapers and catalgoues - is easy for.  Given I'm short on time and money, and prefer to read novels on my kindle to magazines, I don't have magazine subscriptions and as a rule don't buy magazines. This means I don't have to organise them.

Likewise with newspapers. We generally don't buy them but read online or if someone else has bought one (my father-in-law often will when he comes to stay). If someone has bought a newspaper into the house it is read straight away and then put into recycling.

Catalogues are sorted out straight away and either go straight into recycling - or into the junk mail section of our paper organiser. Once read they go into recycling.

Challenge done!

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