Monday, 9 April 2012

Life challenge - week 14 - time management - planning

It seems like there are getting less and less hours in the day? Those 24 hours each day seem to be flying by, and before I know it the day is over, then the week, and then the month. At the moment it is a struggle to get the daily tasks done that there isn't much time for anything else. This week Deb wants us to do some time management planning.  The task involves us reviewing where we are at with planning, where we want to go and what we can change over the next 6 weeks.

Actually I'm a planner - it's what I do best! It does mean I'm not so good at spur of the moment however! So I feel excited about this challenge and seeing if I can get my time management more under control.

So where am I at?
Deb lists 3 essentials to create an anchor of planning in your life:
1. calendar/diary/planner
2. a way to capture new information
3. a master to do list

1. I have a wall calendar and a personal diary. They are both paper - I tried the putting all appointments into my phone but it's just not me. The wall calendar is important so hubby and I can both see at a glance what is happening. Right next to the calendar I have another calender listed by family member so we can see individuals activities. On my wall calendar I put birthdays, so I know if I need to get a card and/or present. I also put the due date of bills and highlight these - I then tick them off once I've paid the bill. I put my husbands shifts - as at the moment these are changing, along with any events/parties/dinner/when my cleaner is coming etc. I definitely couldn't live without my wall calendar.

Family member calendar

My personal diary is a mi goals one and has a spot for my goal setting - so works in well with what we are doing in the challenge. I put my goals in there, and it's my on the move record of what we are doing, birthdays, etc.
Goal page of diary

Diary page of diary

I'm happy with how this is working.

2. Somewhere to capture things - well my diary would work best - I have the list of family activities in here and I check my diary a lot. I'm not actually sure what I'm supposed to be capturing here - but I will work it out as we go along.

3. Master to do list - I had one of got stuck on the fridge and got covered up by everything and I chucked it out when I cleaned my fridge. My plan for the next 6 weeks is to develop another master list and put it on the pin board so we can all see it.

I haven't actually gone into the detail of weekly or monthly planning - so would like to get to this over the next 6 weeks.

Bring on the next few weeks!!


  1. Bec - i love the mi goals diary - wish i had known of them last year when i was picking a new one out.

    With the information capturing it is just having a place where you write down things as they come in (ideas, information, notes etc) rather than 20 post it notes that people often end up with or trying to remember it all etc. If you have little to sort out it can be mostly in your planner anyway with mayeb a sheet attached to write more info (some planners have note pages at the back etc). Like if someone tells you about a couple of great books you might want to read + you get an idea for a blog post + an idea for your family holiday etc If they are in many different locations you may never find them again ("oh that is where i put that")

    Deb @ home life simplified

    1. Thanks for the extra info Deb - yep I'm going to use my diary to record these types of things!
      Oh and the great books - yes that's a great idea - I usually write them on receipts (as that's what I have handy) and then lose them!

  2. oh i have a migoals diary too - it is the best investment I have made ALL year, i love it!!! So glad that it is working for you :)

    1. Thanks Lyndaal...I was lucky to win this diary - along with an inspirational people notebook (I haven't used this yet), a desktop calendar (which has inspirational quotes and I have it up at work) and a bookmark!

  3. I love the things you have set up already Bec. I am starting right at the start with this one, no organisational lists or diaries at all haha. I can't wait to see how the next 6 weeks goes for us all

    1. Good luck! These things can be overwhelming if you aren't used to it - but pays off in the long run.